Terms of Membership

Terms of Membership
1- The applicant must be of good conduct and should not have been issued in the case of a legitimate ruling in a case that violates morality or profession. If the Academy proves otherwise, the Academy shall have the right to take the decision to withdraw the membership and to take all necessary measures.

2- Highly qualified with knowledge and experience.

3- Has outstanding creativity in effective training.

4- Holds academic and professional degrees enabling him to complete his scientific career.

5- The diploma degree must not be less than the diploma of academic education or equivalent certificates of accredited institutes and training centers and the lowest TOT certificate to accept his application from a certified center or trainer.
A request is submitted to INB staff and instructors.
He provided a number of training courses and proved his effectiveness and success in his work.

6- Have certificates of training or certificates of experience from an institution in his country or another country.

7-The institution that has been granted the certificate of experience must be on the ground and not electronic and licensed and has the right to grant such certificates and in its specialization

8- Payment of membership fees

9- After submission of the application, the Advisory Committee or the Board of Directors shall be considered to study its application to join the members. The application shall be considered by the Committee and given opinion within a period of one week from the date of submission of the application.

Documents required for membership

Name of applicant for membership in Arabic and English
Curriculum vitae Open file preferably in Arabic and English
A recent portrait
Telephone number
Applicant’s address
A copy of the passport or national identity or corporate papers and official centers such as the registry and others if the request for companies
Documents proving his scientific and practical qualifications
The type of membership that the applicant wishes to obtain includes the required documents to satisfy the requirements stipulated by the Academy mentioned in the membership requirements.