Computer Science For Kids

Started on 21 September، 2019

Learn Computer Science for kids explained in a easy to understand language.

Ever wondered your kid to be a computer science wiz. This is an opportunity for you. This course is taught by a 5th grade student, who loves to explore how things work behind everything on a computer. Everything he speaks in lectures is something he learnt it by himself – exploring and learning using internet.

This course is for kids who want to understand in simple language fundamentals behind computers, games, websites and internet. Kids will learn in easily to understand languages concepts like internet, programming languages, compiles, databases and how to to create a simple website using HTML and CSS.

At the end of the course, one should be able to understand the working of a website end to end – all the way from browser to server to databases.

This course will teach basics of HTML, mySQL, JavaScript, PHP and C. office

we will  learn by Privet  computer Games (privet for Norwegian board)