Started on 21 September، 2020

1- CCTV Training Courses

Be a certified CCTV technician  with INB

With recent major technological advances ensuring that CCTV continues to play a major role worldwide in helping to combat criminal and terrorist activity, it is not surprising that our CCTV Training Courses continue to be extremely popular. Our combination of classroom theory and ‘hands-on’ practical CCTV training courses will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the very latest advancements in CCTV technology. Our CCTV training courses cover the entire CCTV system planning and design process as well as the specification, installation, set up and maintenance of key system components such as cameras, lenses, DVR, NVRs and cabling.

2- Solar Energy

you will learn to design a complete photovoltaic system. This course introduces the technology that converts solar energy into electricity, heat and solar fuels with a main focus on electricity generation. Photovoltaic (PV) devices are presented as advanced semiconductor devices that deliver electricity directly from sunlight. The emphasis is on understanding the working principle of a solar cell, fabrication of solar cells, PV module construction and the design of a PV system. You will gain a greater understanding of the principles of the photovoltaic conversion— the conversion of light into electricity. This course explores the advantages, limitations and challenges of different solar cell technologies, such as crystalline silicon solar cell technology, thin film solar cell technologies and the latest novel solar cell concepts as studied on lab-scale. We will discuss the specifications of solar modules and demonstrate how to design a complete solar system for any particular application.

3- Robotics

The field of Robotics encompasses everything to do with the design, engineering, programming, testing and development of robots, machines designed to perform tasks currently or previously performed by humans. Robotics is growing rapidly with the advent of big data and the IoT and machines are now capable of processing large quantities of data and learning with minimal human interaction. Using autonomous vehicles as an example, the sensors on the vehicle process thousands of data points each second along with location data from the web to move the vehicle safely along its route. Robotics projects and applications can be found across a large number of industries from automotive production to military drone operations to landing on and exploring Mars.

Robotics courses cover multiple science, math and technology disciplines including machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science, design and engineering. Online courses and programs are designed to introduce you to each of these areas and jump start your career in this exciting and rapidly expanding field.

Robotics Jobs

There are quite a few options for career paths in the field of Robotics, from robot programming and engineering to construction, deployment, management and maintenance. Careerbuilder.com lists over 1,000 full-time positions with job titles such as Robotics Specialist, Robotics Technician, Mobile Robotics Application Engineer, Robotics Application Engineer and Lead Robotics Software Engineer. While there are many positions in the exciting world of robotics development and innovation, there is also huge demand for specialists that can maintain the millions of robotic machines already in use around the world. Almost all positions require advanced degrees or specializations in math and computer science and an internship will always lift you above the crowd when applying for that first job.

Explore a Career in Robotics

Get an introduction to robotics with one of many courses on edX and see if a job in the robotics industry is right for you. Take a course in robotics fundamentals, machine learning or artificial intelligence and gain a clear understanding of the field and what you need to excel. Many courses are self-paced so you can enroll now and start today.