English for Kids

Started on 10 November، 2017

English for Kids and Young Learners is an INB  program offered to primary school’s students, and English for Young Learners is a program specifically designed for intermediate and high school’s students. The program is offered in classes according to students’ age and English language skills. INB classes introduce the concept of learning in a friendly, fun, interesting and yet challenging environment. All INB classes are led by qualified instructors from native English speaking cultures. INB  goal is to focus on strengthening the student’s confidence and encourage them to increase the skill to speak fluently.Teaching Methodology

In INB , we believe in the dialogue learning approach. It is the best way to learn English for Students to use the language in a friendly and encouraging atmosphere. Therefore, the students are always actively participate in class activities.

Placement Test

In INB  we always utilize your children previous language experiences, and we strive to evaluate his language skills through our Placement Test. The placement test will test your sons in different aspects of the language; it includes writing skills, sentence comprehension, structure, listening, and conversation session with INB  Academic Director. Our placement test will let us to asses your child skills and then we provide with the next steps that will help to achieve your child goals.