The Jesr Almanara Center presents a training program intended for preparing Radiation Safety Officers in the Petroleum & Gas sector, license by the International Norwegian Board.

The first course was conducted during the period 14-26/07/2019, with a total of 12 participating trainees, consisting mainly from employed individuals in Petroleum Companies and specialized in the field of industrial safety; consequently, this course was a tremendous success, especially that it is the first of kind to be held within the Libyan territory.

By successfully completing this course, the trainee will be granted an accredited certificate from the International Norwegian Board, a prestigious institute that is well acknowledged in the United Kingdom, the European Union, the competent entities and suborganizations of the United Nations, as well as a numerous amount of universities and academic institutions in the Arab countries.

This course will be provided and supervised by the international trainers:



The Jesr Almanara center intends to hold the second and third course in October & November 2019 respectively, and to start holding this course in other Arab countries by 2020.

The program contains the following topics:

  • Introduction to Radiation Physics
  • Radioactivity and measurement units.
  • Types and characteristics of radiation.
  • Sources of radioactive contamination.
  • monitoring of radioactive material.
  • Biological effects of radiation.
  •  permissible radiation doses
  •  Regulations  of radiation and radioactive materials.
  • Management of natural occurring radioactive materials (NORN) in the oil and gas industry
  • Sources of  NORM
  • Series decay of Thorium and Uranium
  • The NORM accumulation in oil and gas production
  • Radiological survey in the oil industry
  • Protection of workers in the oil and gas industry against NORM
  • Prevention of external radiation exposure
  • Prevention of internal exposure
  • Preventive measures have to be followed when dealing with contaminated equipment
  • Preventive measures have to be followed when cleaning oil tanks
  • Radiation monitoring instruments
  • Radiation monitoring workers
  • Decontamination systems and dividing working areas
  • Ways to remove the scales on site
  • Remediation of NORM contaminated land
  • Storage andtransport of NOR contaminate equipment (NORM)
  • Permanent disposal options
  • Practical training
  • Calculation and evaluation of radiation doses
  • Radiological risk assessment
  • Assessment exam for trainees
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